Treatment of underwater surfaces with a special paint that can be applied directly under water.

Scientific and production company UNDERWATER PAINT develops and implements on world market innovative, highly efficient technologies used in the repair and restoration of hydraulic structures.


We perform a pre-job investigation service to make the report regarding the existing condition of underwater structures.


Removes biological growth, formation corrosion and old automatic transmissions.

Gas-thermal cleaning

Thermal gas cleaning of metal surfaces under and above water.

Underwater painting

Underwater painting of surfaces with two components "Underwater Paint".

Protective metal layer

Thermal spray of a protective metal layer (Zn, Cu, Al).

Diving work

High skilled Diving work of any complexity.

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Two-component underwater paint based on epoxy oligomers, allowing to carry out anti-corrosion work on underwater parts of submerged in water structures without the use of expensive caissons. Working temparature up to 5 degrees of celsium.

3-5 years warranty

(Lifetime of the enamel is at least 10 years).

To maintain a 10-year warranty period, is important to have a profesional and skillful workforce.


Before calculating the total costs, the object is inspected and its current condition is assessed.


We perform a detailed price offer after the pre-job investigation was done.


We do surface cleaning and underwater painting with our professional scuba divers.


Guaranteed preservation for the protective coating is 3-5 years. Life time of the enamel is at least 10 years. 

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